Any Old Bits and Bobs? - Houghton Regis Crafters Appeal

This week in Houghton Regis a Committee was formed for the purpose of giving Crafters an opportunity to share their skills with other Members of the Community, to encourage, promote, teach and work together one day a month in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere over a cup of coffee.
This new venture is asking people from all walks of life, Homemakers, Skilled Workers, Factory owners, Printers, Shops and Hobby Crafters  to donate certain items that they feel will be of use to the Community of “Craft and Coffee”.
The spokesperson for the group said, "We're looking for items such as card, foam, wool, fabrics, paper, plain tiles, netting, beads, paint, glue, small glass jars, knitting needles, silks or cottons, crochet hooks, paint brushes, stamps, and anything else that you feel can be used in Craft....The list is endless....."

The group say that anything donated over and above what is needed for the Craft and Coffee days will be put to raise funds for the group in a Members shop. If we are lucky to receive large amounts of anything it will be stored at Preen. the group plan to help Preen build a Scrap Store for Schools and clubs  in the area, so they can buy at a minimal cost for their particular projects.
A committee spokesperson added, "Scrap Stores are amazing and work in many parts of the country. They are a great help to Clubs and Schools, and many benefit from them. Many of the items that go to scrap stores from factories would normally end up in landfill sites. Please think carefully about what you either have tucked away somewhere, or better still saving from landfill by giving to us. By giving to our Appeal you will be bringing hours of pleasure to the Community."
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