Volunteers Start to Clear Rubbish From Parkside Ward

Volunteers today filled some 15 sacks of rubbish - mainly crisp packets, plastic bottles and fizzy drink cans - and removed sundry larger items from an area of Parkside in Houghton Regis. 

The project was lead by Parkside ward Town Councillors, Peter Carrington and Alan Winter, as part of the HOUGHTON REGIS TOWN COUNCIL VISION 2011 – 2015, part of which is to enhance public places by facilitating community litter picks. (Download the TC's Vision - pdf file - http://www.houghtonregis.org.uk/downloads/HRTCVision.pdf). 

The approximate area cleared was Brentwood Close, Enfield Close, including the community garden by Sundon Road crossing.

Is there an area of town you'd like to volunteer to help clear up?