LBC's Demands for North of Houghton Regis Development

Luton town hall, a reminder of a one fingered salute. © A D Winter 2013
The proposed redevelopment north of Houghton Regis may yet be scuppered by Luton Borough Council. They have concern over the size of the shopping proposals required to serve the 5150 new homes. Luton Borough Council feel that the vitality of their own major and minor retail areas could be jeopardised. In the proposals for North of Houghton Regis a large supermarket and other retail offering would be centred around new roads to the south of the M1 J11a (near the present day Chalton Cross Farm, Sundon Road). 

Another key issue is that Luton wants access to up to 50% of the affordable housing to be built in the North of Houghton Regis to enable them to address some of their acute housing needs. And some assurances over transport integration.

April 15th is the date of the Luton meeting where these concerns will be raised. 

Luton fell out with Central Bedfordshire Council  over The Joint Core Strategy in 2011, for redevelopment of housing and other growth issues, so now the two authorities are trying their best to salvage what they can of the Strategy on which over £4million had been spent.

See Luton's forward report of their response The item is number 12 on the list.

With 5150 houses planned for north of Houghton Regis, do you think it's right to build new a major supermarket and associated shops to serve them? Comment below or Follow the story on Facebook .