Highways Budget - 2013/14 - Poynters Rd Resurfacing to Cost More than a Million

The agreed highways work for Central Bedfordshire in 2013/14  has been issued.

More than a million pounds has been allocated by Central Bedfordshire Council just for the resurfacing of Poynters Road from Luton Road to Park Road North. In all, this cash allocation is just under half the budget for all B and C class roads in the Central Beds area, and one ninth of all Highways works budget. Poynters Road work is expected to be scheduled to begin once the works in Houghton Regis High Street are completed.

In other schemes affecting Houghton Regis,  £50,000 is allocated to create 20mph zones in residential areas of the town,  and incorporate any proposals for the High Street brought forward by Morrisons.  Agreed works  also include
- a zebra crossing for Parkside Drive (£35,000);  
- funds are allocated to improve key walking and cycling routes to work
- Neighbourhood Improvement Schemes, Sandringham Drive, Houghton Rd, and routes to All Saints Academy (£75,000).
- a  drainage scheme for Whitehouse Close is included to alleviate flooding issues.
- Patching & Thin Surfacing for Windsor Drive from Longbrooke to Sandringham (629m), Lowry Drive (243m) and Fensome Drive (whole of road).
- a footpath at Bromley Gardens is to get a retread (300m) at a cost of £37,000.

A scheme to resurface the High Street from Bedford Road To Townsend Farm Road (552m) has been put on the reserve list (i.e. it might get done, if schedules and money allow). This would be in addition to the works being carried out under the agreement with Morrisons.

The maintenance schemes programme  in Central Bedfordshire comprises structural maintenance schemes for roads and footways, highway bridges and culverts, street lighting works and drainage schemes.

The programmes for bridges and culverts, street lighting improvements and replacements and drainage schemes are based on greatest need throughout Central Bedfordshire. The Council's highways team stress that, for roads and footways, they are continuing with the approach they started with last year to intervene at the right time in the life cycle of the road to achieve best value for money.

Where some of  the spending is allocated in Central Bedfordshire:
£950k on strengthening bridges
£750k on street lighting column replacement
£850k on lantern replacement
£374k on drainage improvements
£1636k on principal roads
£2134k on B & C class roads
£3062k on unclassified roads
£1020k on footways
£1338 on integrated transport schemes

Where would you have made changes to the budget? Do you think there are more pressing needs than those above? Have your say.