Recommended Gypsy & Traveller Sites and timetable

At Sustainable Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 28th February at Central Bedfordshire Council, 7 sites were approved for recommendation for Gypsy and Traveller Sites, and 66 pitches.

The recommended sites and number of proposed pitches on each are:

  • Land West of A6, South of Faldo Road and West of Barton-le-Clay – 10 pitches
  • Land South West of Park Corner Farm and South of Dunton Lane – 10 pitches
  • Land East of Potton Road and South of Ram Farm – 10 pitches
  • Land South of Fairfield and West of Stotfold Rd – 10 pitches
  • Land East of M1, Tingrith – 4 pitches
  • Land E of Watling Street and S of Dunstable – 9 pitches
  • 1 Old Acres, Barton Road, Pulloxhill – 5 pitches (and authorisation of the current 8 unauthorised pitches already there)

Kennel Farm Holdings, to the east of Biggleswade, was recommended separately as a site for accommodation for Travelling Showpeople.

The committee also recommended to the Executive that the Council look to plan for a total 157 Gypsy and Traveller and 22 pitches for Travelling Showpeople in the period up to 2031. The council will look at means of meeting the outstanding allocation required.

The committee recommended that the Gypsy and Traveller Local Plan – which was consulted on in September last year – would be approved for publication too. The recommendations will now go before the council’s Executive and then full Council.

Cllr Nigel Young, Executive Member for Sustainable Communities (Strategic Planning and Economic Development) said: “We’re acutely aware of the significance of this debate for both the settled and the traveller communities and this was reflected in the numbers of people who attended yesterday’s meeting. Identifying a shortlist of sites has not been easy and the recommendations that the committee made to Executive have been based on the three waves of assessment, visits we’ve made to each site and comments and feedback we’ve received from the community. It was important to us to listen to as many representations as we could and we’ve also received more than 3000 written representations beforehand as well.

“These sites will provide 66 pitches and will help fulfil our requirements for appropriate accommodation for the next ten years. The Council’s Executive will look at these recommendations before full Council and then we will open it for full public consultation later in the spring.”

An extract of the morning's tweeting: ..._comment

An extract of the afternoon's tweeting:

May 2013: Formal consultation on Draft Development Plan Document which includes list of preferred sites.
Aug -Sept 2013: The Plan will then go through to a Publication stage.
January 2014: Submission of Plan to the Secretary of State.
April 2014: An Inspector for the Secretary of State will then hold Examination Hearings where objectors can expand on their objections.
June-July 2014: The Inspector’s Report, based on his findings following the consultation and the Examination Hearings and including his recommendations, anticipated.
September 2014: Adoption of the Development Plan Document

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