Houghton Regis Town Centre Pot Hole Concerns

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There is great concern in Houghton Regis about the state of the roundabout at High Street and Bedford Road junction. Whether it be on Facebook groups, representations made to councils, or common chatter at the supermarket checkouts, people are talking about the effect it's having on their vehicles. 

All Pictures: ©A D Winter 2013

The road is certainly bumpy going on these pictures taken this morning. But "bumpy" may not constitute a pot-hole under the guidelines. Central Bedfordshire Council's criteria is that repairs are made to all potholes in the road that meet the council’s intervention level within 24 hours of inspection. The intervention level is a hole that is a minimum of 50mm deep and 150mm in diameter with vertical sides. This information comes from a Freedom of Information request available to read here.

The HRTC Highways Rep, Cllr Alan Winter, and others, have asked the Highways Authority for Central Bedfordshire to urgently review the area.

Meanwhile, the contractors working on the High Street deny that work on the roundabout would be down to them. A spokesman said, "It is down to the Highways Authority".

High Street works by contractors, Miletree, have continued today without the use of traffic lights that has caused much day time traffic delays in recent weeks. Those works will continue next week, and are scheduled to continue until the end of May. When complete, the scheme, a Section 278 agreement, for road works in conjunction with Morrison's new supermarket, will provide 8 new zebra crossings, two new half bus lay-bys and improved footpaths.  

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