Easing the Fear of Crime

A new "Houghton Regis Community Safety Action Group" has been set up. The group consists of Councillor and staff representatives from the Town and Central Bedfordshire Councils, Bedfordshire Police, Anti-Social Behaviour Team, housing officers, youth workers, community workers and Street Watch. The Action Group also want local people to play their part.

Actual crime statistics show no overall increase.  In the period from 1st November 2012 to 31st January 2013 there has been a 12 per cent reduction in anti-social behaviour compared with the same period last year. But greater awareness of crime through social networking media has heightened concerns.The group aims to help reduce ASB, and ease the fear of crime.

By working together:

  • The Police and the ASB team have obtained an interim ASBO against a local youth and are currently evaluating evidence against another.

  • Five young people from the Sandringham Drive area have signed up to Acceptable Behaviour Contracts and enquires are continuing with other young people.

  • Local residents with support from Aldwyck housing association and the council’s ASB team and Crimebeat Co-ordinator are also working on proposals to give young people more activities to do and are planning the set up of a youth facility in the Sandringham Drive area.

Local people can play their part:

  • If an incident is happening there and then and it is a crime, like criminal damage, then people should ring 999.
  • If the incident has already happened, call the Police on 101.
  • If you know who is responsible for anti-social behaviour let the ASB team know on 0300 300 8302 so that they can start to build up evidence against individuals.