Houghton Regis Town Council - Budget 2013/14

After much deliberation the Town Council has set its budget and precept for 2013/14. To cover expenditure the precept has been set at £760,000 an increase of £35.31 on a Band D property or 25.2% which equates to 67p per week.

After taking into account the Council Tax “harmonisation” by Central Bedfordshire Council, and small increases into the Police and Fire Authority precepts, it is anticipated that the overall additional amount payable per week will be around 40p.

The budget setting process has been particularly difficult this year due to the Welfare Reforms and consequent alterations to town council funding. Councillors have had to balance many conflicting issues, not least of which was the uncertainty over funding sources for 2014/15 in order to set the budget so that services to our community could be maintained.

Included in this budget is provision for the following:-
• Community services to support residents and the voluntary and community sector
• Cleaning and maintenance of the public toilets in the town centre
• Additional high visibility policing.
• An expanded programme of community events.
• Development of a new improved website.
Contribution to funds for development of a new cemetery, an allotment site and for play area replacement.

The Council has once again maintained its commitment to provide grants to local organisations, to the summer play scheme and to the Pride of Houghton scheme. For further details on the budget, please contact the Town Clerk on (01582) 708540 or by email on info@houghtonregis.org.uk


  1. I expect we are paying for the travellers site too. That does not please me one bit. You need to insist they pay a charge to park, like council tax.

  2. What makes you think they are not charged? Maybe you are just prejudiced? All Gypsies & Travellers living on a local authority or privately owned site pay council tax, rent, gas, electricity, and all other associated charges. These fees vary between sites but are often higher than comparable charges for conventional housing. Those living on illegal encampments are not subject to council tax, but also do not receive services.

  3. Yes. You guessed it, I've had them living near me before. No, it was not pleasant. The mess, the swearing, the constant in/out of vehicles, dogs barking, open fires burning, the knocking on my door. Damn right, I'm prejudiced and I really couldn't give a rats ar** what you think! I don't want my grandchildren growing up in that sort of environment. I moved from East London 35 years ago to give my kids a better future and now you want to turn my chosen home into a Pikey Camp.

  4. less of the "you want", please. I was just correcting a potential error made on your part, above. Councils have a legal duty to provide suitable sites.


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