Green Field Sites Around Houghton Regis Set For 5150 Homes

The outline application plans are in for this huge development. There are 216 documents available to view online.

Above is an illustrated Master Plan for Houghton Regis North Site 1 consisting of land on the Northern Edge of Houghton Regis outlined in red.
Other pockets of land outside the red outline area may well be subject to separate building planning applications as these are owned by different property developers.

Scope of the Outline Planning Application

This application is for a new, sustainable urban extension on 262 ha comprising new homes, including affordable homes, open space, a range of employment and shops, new schools and education facilities, health, community and leisure facilities. Details of access, appearance, landscaping, layout, and scale are reserved for later determination and all development, works and operations to be in accordance with the Development Parameters.

This is an outline planning application with the details of access, appearance, landscaping, layout, and scale reserved for later determination.

Up to 5,150 dwellings (Use Class C3); up to 202,500 sqm gross of additional development in Use Classes: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 (retail); B1, B2, B8 (offices, industrial and storage and distribution); C1 (hotel), C2 (carehome), D1 and D2 (community and leisure); car showroom; data centre; petrol filling station; car parking; primary substation; energy centre; and for the laying out of the buildings, routes and open spaces within the development; and all associated works and operations including but not limited to: demolition; earthworks; engineering operations. All development, works and operations to be in accordance with the Development Parameters Schedule and Plans.

First Step

This outline application represents the first step in designing the development at Houghton Regis North 1. Once the outline permission is granted there will be further design stages which will enable CBC and the local residents to input to and control the design and quality of the proposals.

No Fixed Master Plan

The application is based on development parameters text and plans rather than a fixed masterplan. The proposed development will be built over a number of years. Using development parameters builds in flexibility to respond to changing circumstances over time but within very defined limits. The development parameter plans and text govern the total amount of built development and open space to be provided as well as defining where the main access routes will be. The indicative development programme extends from 2014 - 2031.


Provision for at least 32 hectares of new employment land will be made within the plan period. This will comprise a range of employment uses and be concentrated at the proposed new Junction 11A and along the M1 corridor (shown white above) so as to maximise opportunities for good road access. Smaller pockets of employment land will be located in the strategic allocation within local centres.

The development is estimated to generate up to 2,556 net temporary construction jobs, up to 2,452 net permanent jobs and up to 882 net temporary construction jobs from the construction of the A5-M1 Link Road. Houghton Regis Development Consortium will be providing a contribution to the Link Road, thus enabling the Link Road jobs to be realised. The greater proportion of jobs are likely to be taken up by local people.

Traffic and Movement

Click to View the Related file about Traffic and Movement
Information is given in the documents about the expected traffic movements between the anticipated new build areas. A red route is suggested as the main route through the development which could also be used as a main route for buses, with certain access points restricted to buses only. Cycle and pedestrian routes are also considered.

About Planning

Information about planning is available through the Planning Portal. Any further enquiries contact Customer Services on 0300 300 8307, or email

The Public Consultation Process

Anyone can submit comments or objections to Central Bedfordshire Council. These can be in writing, via the website or by e-mail. Responses must be submitted by 13th February 2013.

Town Council Involvement:

Houghton Regis Town Council is a statutory consultee on all planning applications. HRTC considers all planning applications and makes comments to Central Bedfordshire Council. The Town Council will be considering this application at its meeting of the Planning & Licensing Committee on 11th February 2013. The meeting starts at 7.30pm and is open to the public. It is anticipated that the case officer will be attending the meeting to respond to questions or comments from town councillors.

You are welcome to send your comments to the town council or to attend the town council meeting.
However for your comments to be formally considered you must send them to Central Bedfordshire Council.

Central Bedfordshire Council:

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