National Cycle Way Route 6

Money from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund bid is being used to improve this cycle route which runs along Dog Kennel Walk, to Houghton Green, and then broadly follows the route of the brook to Leagrave. New directional signs are to be installed giving the time it takes to get to the destination, rather than the distance. Apparently this is preferred by cyclists.


  1. On Mon 15/02/21 while returning from Dunstable on the Dog Kennel Walk cycleway on our cycles,my partner and I were approx 150yds from the junction with Cemetery rd where there were two pedestrians walking on the cycleway section, in attempting to pass them after repeatedly sounding her cycle bell to alert them my partners front wheel clipped the 1" raised defining strip of concrete between the cycleway/footpath that along with fallen leaves and debris causing her to fall off her cycle and damage herself to the point of having to call the ambulance service to have her taken to L&D for further examination ( at this point I must offer my thanks to a Cemetery Rd resident for her prompt attendance to my partner with her medical skills to give an immediate assessment of the situation). The point I would like to raise is that the cycleway was always painted red with pictures depicting pedal cycles on it therefore giving fair warning to pedestrians that it is in fact a cycleway not a footpath, that is clearly depicted as running parallel with it . It is not until such an accident occurs that people realise the gravity of the situation so alongside the introduction of new signage I would STRONGLY SUGGEST the upkeep of existing signage maybe in preference to the new signage in order to keep everybody safe in their attempts to reduce polution by using cycles.


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