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Information has been received this afternoon that indicates some interim road improvements at High Street and Bedford Road junction, as well as other parts of the   road scheme. This follows several weeks of letters initiated by Liberal Democrat Central Bedfordshire Councillors for Houghton Regis following concerns over road safety.

A young man is known to have been knocked down, and emergency services attended, shortly after the scheme was introduced.

A significant contribution to effecting change, was the passing back to Bedfordshire Highways, of comments made by members of the public on this Facebook Page.

Cllr Alan Winter, Houghton Regis Town Council's Highways rep, "At the present time, the scheme is only partially implemented, and works are due to restart in the new year. Nevertheless, aspects of safety have been been reconsidered by the highways professionals, and there are promises that before Christmas, these improvements will be made. As I understand it, the crossing will be moved about 4 metres further down Bedford Road, and the roundabout will be realigned."

"Motorists can expect some delay when this work is being done, - sorry - but I do ask that they consider the value of acting before a life is lost on that crossing. I'd like to thank all my councillor colleagues that have helped by using their various contacts to help bring some sense of road safety back to the situation. Thank you Facebookers for your great anecdotes!"