Woodside Link Consultation

An A3 leaflet will be delivered shortly to all properties within Houghton Regis and Dunstable consulting on the Woodside link. The consultation will also include 6 exhibitions, when members of the project team will be available.

Friday, 16th November 2pm to 5.30pm - Houghton Regis Library
Saturday, 17th November (10am to 1pm) - Houghton Regis Library
Tuesday 20th November (3pm to 7pm) - Chalton Village Hall
Wednesday 21st November (3pm to 7pm) - Sundon Village Hall

The outline proposal includes an optional connecting road to the bottom of Parkside Drive.
Liberal Democrat Parkside town councillor, Alan Winter, "Do local residents want a connection here? Many will not welcome this intrusion into the quiet road they have now. Others will think it will be a great opportunity to not have to drive around the estate to get out. This consultation will be an opportunity local residents should not pass pass idly by."

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The first document, section:
 2.3.4 "At about 950m provision has been made for a connection to Parkside Drive, a
possible future link. This would connect to the main route by a priority junction."

4.11.13 "There is also a possibility, which will be investigated further at Stage 3, that a connection from the new road into Parkside Drive to the north could be provided."