Time Limited Fixed Term Tenancies

Have your say on the future of social housing in Central Bedfordshire

The notion that a house is your house for life when you rent social housing is being challenged by a proposed new strategy from Central Bedfordshire Council. 

The Council are saying that from April 2013, new residents will be offered  a five year limited fixed term tenancy. The proposed changes will not affect current tenants.

Tenancies will only be extended if a tenant was still in need of the accommodation. The hope is that people on a waiting list, unable to get the home they desperately need, will get a better chance. 

The strategy is part of Government plans to radically reform the social housing system.

Under the new system, the council and social landlords will get more flexibility to make the best use of housing stock and focus provision on those who are most in need. At the end of the fixed term, tenants will be supported by the council to consider remaining in their home, renting in the private sector, moving into another more suitable social housing property, or moving into home ownership.

If properties become under-occupied, as some of the original household members have moved on, tenancy may not be renewed.
If there has been a substantial improvement in the households financial circumstances and they no longer need a social housing property; , tenancy may not be renewed.
If the current property is an adapted property and it is no longer suitable for the tenants needs, tenancy may not be renewed.
If the tenancy has not been conducted satisfactorily, tenancy may not be renewed. 
If the tenant has allowed the property to become severely overcrowded, tenancy may not be renewed. 
If the tenant refuses to participate in the renewal process, tenancy may not be renewed. 

Any new arrangements will come into effect for new applicants from April 2013.

So, what do you think? Is this a sensible way forward to handle the problem of under-occupancy? Will it lead to people in social housing caring less about the property they are in? A consultation is running until 28th January 2013. You can have your say online www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/consultations or by picking up a paper copy of the consultation at the council’s offices at Watling House in High Street North, Dunstable.

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