This Week's Decisions

Decisions affecting Houghton Regis were this week taken by Central Bedfordshire Council's Executive Committee.

The Houghton Regis North Framework Plan was adopted as technical guidance for development management purposes.

When "News Desk" conducted its own poll on this plan during the summer, the top concerns were that "Congestion in the town centre will not be addressed by the new roads" - 26 replies. 14 thought "Too many homes planned", and 8 "Don't know where the jobs are coming from".

We put these findings to the Council's Cllr Nigel Young, the executive member for sustainable communities, strategic planning and economic development.
"I think your survey responses mirror comment on the CBC response page (only 53 responses at 5 public exhibitions). To answer the top 2; I think that the Woodside Link will make a big difference to Houghton Regis High Street as freight will prefer the quick link to the M1 and homes North of Houghton Regis will similarly use the 'quick route' to the Motorway. We may also be able to ban freight from Houghton Regis High Street (except deliveries). 5000 homes over 20 years is only an average of 250 a year - not many in the context of our evidential need. As a summary point - this is part of the regeneration package which could facilitate up to 6000 local jobs - much needed in Houghton Regis I would have thought."

Woodside Link
The submission of a planning application for the construction of the Woodside Link road was agreed and consultation on the proposed scheme will now commence in November 2012.
If necessary, the land required for the scheme, may be acquired, including by compulsory purchase. If approved, the Council will add £450,000 to the 2012/13 capital programme to cover the costs of design and planning application development for the scheme.

The overall cost of the scheme is likely to be in the order of £42m, may be started in 2014, and completed in 2016.

The Executive endorsed the Parking Strategy, including the recommendations from the Sustainable Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee, with the exception of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee’s recommendation 2 that parking on grass verges not be
permitted, as the published approach to parking in Central Bedfordshire.