New Roundabout in Houghton Regis Will Improve Traffic Capacity

After years of traffic light hold ups at Bedford Road/ High Street junction in Houghton Regis, the traffic lights have been replaced (and not for the first time) with a brand new mini-roundabout. It may have been no-go in Houghton Regis today while work was done to take away the traffic lights, but tomorrow should be a completely different story.

Traffic was said to be queuing up down to Portz Avenue at lunchtime today as the old traffic lights were removed and temporary ones were installed. By early evening the old lights and the temporary lights had been removed and a new mini-roundabout was in place.

Works will continue for the next few weeks on footpaths and pedestrian crossings in Houghton Regis Town Centre all requested as part of the planning process in conjunction with the new Morrison's superstore in the town which will be opening soon.

The scheme will include:

  • A reduction in the speed limit to 20mph
  • Improved pedestrian links with Bedford Square
  • Wider footways on the north side of High Street
  • Block paving along the frontage with High Street and around the Church
  • The realignment of High Street to provide bus lay-bys
LINKS:  Site Plan | Morrisons store plans and associated works scheme | S106 and Planning Permissions | Planning Documents at CBC