New Crossings Proposed

CBC is proposing to establish pedestrian crossings in Parkside Drive, Sundon Road, and Park Road North.

Zebra Crossing Proposals:
- Parkside Drive, 80m north-east of junction with Elm Park Close.
- Sundon Road, 15m south of junction with Easthill Road.

Signalised Toucan Crossing Proposal:
Park Road North - 160m nw of rndbt with Sandringham Drive.

Humped Zebra Crossing Proposal: (rebuild existing crossing)
-75mm high, in Parkside Drive 32m s of junction with Bromley Gardens

Humped Zebra Crossing Proposal: (new crossing)
- 75m high in Sundon Rd, 15m s of junction with Easthill Rd.

Plans can be viewed at the Houghton Regis library. Objections in writing to Transportation manager, Bedfordshire Highways, Woodlands Avenue, Manton Lane, Bedford, MK41 7NU or email

Official notices of this announcement can be found in local newspapers.