Charity Fund Raisers Houghton!

What a great bunch of charity fund-raisers the folks in Houghton Regis are! I asked on the Facebook Page for any resident in Houghton Regis who was raising funds for charity and got a fantastic response! If there are any more - and, I'm sure there will be, send a message and I'll add that to this article.

Tracy Davis is doing a charity skydive on 1st Sept for the scoliosis association. "I have scoliosis myself & have a metal rod in my spine!" : (see story and picture).

The Mad Scientists, are raising money for Cancer Research and are doing a 24 hour relay in September.

Slimming World Houghton Regis  are having a sale of outgrown clothes in September. "We're collecting clothes from members that are now too big for them and will be attending the indoor car boot sale on Sunday 22nd September at Houghton Leisure Centre to raise money for Keech - come grab a bargain and help a good cause." See the Houghton Regis Calendar for details

Emma Acton is planning on a 47 mile bike ride in September in aid of British Heart Foundation.

Linda Hicks, "My daughter and her workmates at Dragar medical are 'doing' the Ridgeway run in September for London's Air Ambulance, who helped save Imogen's life in 2008, when she lost a leg. Imogen is to do two and half miles on her crutches."

Thanks everyone for your great efforts!