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High Street Works

An update about the works in the High Street has been posted Formal working of the main phase of the S278 works for the Morrisons store will start on 10th September (advanced warning signs will be up on site this Monday). Preliminary cabling works will be done this week at the junction of Bedford Road and High Street. This will necessitate switching off traffic lights and using an alternative control method this week. The first phase of works will be to upgrade the footways and bus stops adjacent to the store and car park, Cemetery Road and the footways leading across the junction with Bedford Road. These works will take approximately four weeks ( up to 5th October ) and will involve footway closures only , maintaining two way traffic along the full length of Dunstable Road and High Street.

Planning Applications

There has been considerable interest on our Facebook Page with people advancing opinions on the proposed Morrison petrol-filling station. The opinion seems divided between those who want to see lower fuel prices, those who feel there would be too many petrol-filling stations in the area, and those who fear that the town will have more traffic congestion. When deciding planning applications, matters of price competition rarely carry any weight. , however  provide some useful guides to help you understand the planning process. GUIDES How to respond to planning applications: an eight step guide (PDF download, 4Mb) This guide tells you how to find out more about a planning application and — if necessary — how you can take action. Planning explained (PDF download, 5Mb) This guide will help you to understand the planning system, and how to get involved to influence how your area changes in the future.

Morrisons Date

Wm. Morrisons have informed the development company, Dransfield, that their new store in Houghton Regis is now scheduled to open on November 5th. Cllr Alan Winter, "Don't take that date as firm, just yet. As of August 21st the High Street road works had not even been given an approved start date by the "Street Works Co-ordinator", and I am making enquiries to see if store opening can actually be done if the road works are not completed by then." Follow the reactions on  our Facebook page

Houghton Regis Northern Developments

The last date to submit feedback via the questionnaire is the 31st August. .

The Day Dunstable Rocked!

Dunstable Town Council but on Dunstable Rock! last Saturday. A 10 hour event featuring a wide variety of different music. Follow people's comments on our Facebook Page

Council Tax Benefit is Changing, Have your Say.

From April 2013 Council tax benefit is to be replaced by a localised council tax support scheme.   In Central Bedfordshire the expected funding will be reduced by approximately 14%, meaning that CBC will have £2.5 million less money to fund the support they give to Council Tax payers, next year than they have now.  Central Bedfordshire Council are now consulting on their proposals to meet this shortfall.  This document   is published by Central Bedfordshire Council explaining their proposals. This document answers some questions they think might be frequently asked. The document says that under the proposed changes some people who claim Council Tax Benefit will be expected to pay more towards their Council Tax, or will have to pay something even if they never had to pay before.  Some groups, including pensioners on low incomes who account for around half of the 17,000 residents receiving Council Tax Benefit, will be protected from any change. If you currently get a 25%

Now Wm Morrisons Want a Petrol Filling Station in Houghton

The latest available weekly planning applications list reveals that permission is being sort to demolish the present Wm. Morrisons store (formerly Netto), and to replace it with a petrol filling station. The proposal would cause a net loss of 998 sq metres of the shops net trade-able area, and a net loss of 29 car parking spaces. A new exit would be created onto the High Street directly opposite the exit from the existing Georgina petrol station. It's proposed trading hours are 7am until 11pm. The proposal also includes a jet car wash. If permission is granted this would put the Georgina petrol station business and that of existing car wash businesses in Houghton Regis under aggressive competitive strain. The applicants conclude in their access and design statement, "The proposals will complement the consented adjacent superstore and serve to encourage competitive fuel pricing and provide further amenity to the community as well as designated parking for staff." Vie

Charity Fund Raisers Houghton!

What a great bunch of charity fund-raisers the folks in Houghton Regis are! I asked on the Facebook Page for any resident in Houghton Regis who was raising funds for charity and got a fantastic response! If there are any more - and, I'm sure there will be, send a message and I'll add that to this article. Tracy Davis is doing a charity skydive on 1st Sept for the scoliosis association. "I have scoliosis myself & have a metal rod in my spine!" :   (see story and picture) . The Mad Scientists, are raising money for Cancer Research and are doing a 24 hour relay in September. Slimming World Houghton Regis  are having a sale of outgrown clothes in September. "We're collecting clothes from members that are now too big for them and will be attending the indoor car boot sale on Sunday 22nd Septemb

Grove Theatre - Films

If you're a film fan, why not see the latest films at the digital screen at Grove Theatre, Dunstable? Here's their latest 'film' newsletter: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Christopher Nolan's trilogy comes to its epic conclusion in The Dark Knight Rises starring Christian Bale, Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway. The Dark Knight Rises is set eight years after Batman took the fall for DA Harvey Dent's crimes leaving Batman in exile. But when the masked villain Bane declares war on Gotham, Batman has no choice but to return for the ultimate showdown. Sticking with the comic book theme this month, The Amazing Spiderman will be showing on our cinema screen from Saturday 25 August. Starring Andrew Garfield as hero Peter Parker, who has been raised by his Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) and Aunt May (Sally Field). When Peter finds a clue that might help him understand why his parents disappeared when he was young. His path puts him on a co

Costly Blot on the Landscape

A Luton man has been fined £1,000 and ordered to pay legal costs of £750 after he gave waste to an unlicensed waster carrier who went on to fly-tip it in Caddington. The company which fly tipped the builders waste and rubble, could not be traced, but the place where it came from was. Luton Magistrates Court heard how Basharat Hussain of 139 Kingsway, Luton knowingly failed to fulfil his duty of care to ensure the waste produced and owned by him was transferred to a licensed carrier and a waste transfer note was received as proof of collection of the materials. This case serves as a warning to anyone who has building work done. Central Bedfordshire Council have issued a press release saying they will not tolerate fly tipping and that businesses and residents need to ensure their waste is properly disposed of. Central Bedfordshire Council’s Environmental hotline is 0300 300 8302

No Toleration for Nuisance Vehicles This Summer

Calling all drivers of motorbikes, mopeds, scooters or mini-motos! If these are ridden in a dangerous way across public land their owners could be in for a shock when they have their means of transport seized and destroyed as part of a summer crackdown on nuisance vehicles. The summer holidays mean that youngsters are enjoying the public areas across Houghton Regis and the surrounding villages, but a small minority are ruining people’s enjoyment when they break the law by riding motorbikes off-road without crash helmets, insurance or tax. Police officers are to take full advantage of Section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002 giving them the ability to stop anti-social motorists to warn them about their behaviour and issue fines. Police can also seize vehicles and destroyed them. Crushed mini-moto Anyone caught riding on pavements or roads illegally will also be dealt with for motoring offences such as riding without a licence and having no MoT or insurance. Pa

Houghton Regis residents show their pride

This is an unedited News Release from Central Bedfordshire Council More than 300 residents and businesses got involved in the latest ‘Pride in Day’ in Houghton Regis on Tuesday, 24 July 2012. Organised by Bedfordshire’s Community Safety Partnership, Pride in Days are opportunities for the community to get involved and talk about local issues. Following the success of a number of other Pride In days, the sixth event in Houghton Regis got off to a fantastic start with representatives from the Town Council, Central Bedfordshire Council’s Waste, Environmental Protection and Highways teams and Community Payback from the Probation Service working on clearing overgrown vegetation, trees, branches, graffiti and litter in Westminster Gardens and Elm Park Close. Local young people from Make a Difference (MAD) consulted in advance with the Council about how they could be involved and decided to make smoothies and toasties on the day, with food provided by Morrisons and Tesco.  Nisa s