Tenancy Fraud Statement

 Originally Posted by Alan Winter on March 29, 2012

From a publication by Central bedfordshire Council ...
"Central Bedfordshire Council is working to stamp out unlawful subletting, and help keep council housing for people who really need it.
We are asking tenants to support our cause and help us to help them by making people aware of this problem and reporting offenders.
Unlawful subletting refers to where a tenant in social housing breaches the conditions of their tenancy by renting their property out to individuals not permitted to live there. It is estimated that 80% of people living in fraudulently rented social housing would not themselves qualify for council help.
Renting out a council home without the permission of the landlord is fraud.
If you think you know someone committing this kind of fraud don’t wait – let us know by calling our hotline 0300 300 5185. All calls are confidential and it could make a real difference!
A property that is being let to someone who is not in real housing need could be taken back by the landlord and offered to someone who really does need it.
We will investigate any reports of unlawful subletting, and any associated benefit fraud in partnership with the Housing Benefit Fraud Team, and where there is a case we can prosecute the person subletting the property as well as recover the property.