Quarry Clean Up Day

(originally Posted by Alan Winter on March 10, 2012)
There was a really good turn out from various volunteering groups and local people today, to help clear up some of the rubbish from around one of the Marl Lakes at Houghton Regis Chalk Quarry.
Rebecca Pitman from the The Wildlife Trust said,"51 people attended and far more rubbish was cleared in just a few hours than I ever imagined. We filled two large skips with rubbish, having a huge impact on the reserve and utterly transforming the area around the lake.  It just goes to show what a group of people can achieve in just a day; please pass on my appreciation to friends and relatives you brought along with you."
Several supermarket trolleys, as well as shed loads of plastic bottles and drink cans were removed from the water and watersides. But quite simply, a lot more work will be needed to clean up the rest of the rubbish. So, a really HUGE THANKS to everyone who turned up as a result of seeing it on our Facebook Page. Watch this space, Rebecca from The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire will doubtless be letting us know when that day will be. 
To see more pictures go to http://www.liveshare.com/#&id=1970842 - If you have any photos to add to this set, you can just drag and drop them!
Wildlife Trust

Developers, Bovis Homes, have given funding for 5 years  to The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire to manage the habitat. It is currently regarded as private property, but once it is cleaned up it is hoped by the Wildlife Trust that they will be able to let the public in. The details of the developers planning consent can be viewed here 
"In 1891 a lime works opened; in 1912 this was taken over by Blue Circle Portland Cement, who expanded the works and began producing cement in 1925. Puddlehill fed the kilns with Lower Chalk, the works grew larger, and the twin chimneys became a local landmark. In 1971 production ceased and the chimneys were demolished in the late 1970s."