Public Exhibition: This Week

To be held at Bedford Square Community Centre, Tithe Farm Road, Houghton Regis.

Thursday & Friday 19/20th July 2pm to 8pm.
Saturday 21st 10am-4pm
Monday / Tuesday 23rd/24th 10am-4pm

The scheme will be bringing thousands of new homes, 3 new schools, new roads, and new neighbourhood names. Have Your Say.

Probably worth reading this text document about proposals local to us - - if you will be unable to see the Public Exhibitions between 19th to 24th July.

This land (outlined in red) was identified as a sustainable location for growth in the Sustainable Communities Plan (2003). Following this plan the land was identified in the Luton and southern Central Bedfordshire Core Strategy, which was abandoned due to disagreements between CBC and Luton Borough Council. 
The land has been identified for up to 7,000 dwellings, 40 ha of employment land and associated facilities, all to be delivered through a masterplan. The masterplan, which will be led by the developer, will provide a "vision" and indicate the broad principles development should follow. The document will be used to inform the submission of a planning application and will not constitute the granting of planning permission. Planning applications are expected to start being submitted in the autumn of this year.

Two major transport improvements will assist growth in the area:
 (1) the A5-M1 link road to Junction 11a by the Highways Agency, and assisted funding by CBC and Developer. 
(2) The Woodside Connection to M1 J11a will be provided by the developer and CBC.

For (1) construction is likely to start in 2014; for (2) an expected start of 2017.