Ploughing Up The Land

(originally posted by Posted by Alan Winter on February 25, 2012)
By Cllrs Rita Egan and Alan Winter
Concerned residents have been asking the question on Parkside, “What is going on at land adjacent to Houghton Park Road?”
We investigated and can tell you that there are no planning applications affecting this private land
Central Bedfordshire Council have made tentative plans to build a new road from Porz Avenue in the south of Houghton Regis, around to the south and east of Parkside, to connect to the new M1 Junction 11a. But nothing definite has yet come through.
We have contacted the County Archaeologist. Two Roman sites are in the area; one north east of Houghton Park Road and south of Chalton Cross Farm, and the other east of Fenwick Road and north of Pastures Way. Read more
We have been told that there is no archaeological fieldwork being undertaken on the Woodside Connection scheme at the moment. Planning Policy Statement 5 - Planning for the Historic Environment states that any application for development that affects an archaeological site (or heritage asset with an archaeological interest) has to be accompanied by information about the significance of the heritage asset. To get the appropriate level of information an archaeological field evaluation has to be undertaken, and a geophysical survey and trial trenching would need to take place in view of the proposed developments.

At various times over the years we have requested that rubbish is cleared up, but as the land is private property, what we could request was limited. Two days ago Rita took new pictures.
These have been  passed on to Central Bedfordshire's officers and council executive members. Rita has had a series of conversations with people about what needs to happen and  was promised yesterday evening that the matter is being looked at with some urgency. The land is owned by Shanley - and we understand that action will be taken. For further updates, Rita posts information about this particular problem:  Please let her know if anything more occurs that we are not already aware of.