Olympic Torch - 9th July - Road Closures

 Originally Posted by Alan Winter on July 2, 2012

More traffic than normal will be coming through Houghton Regis early on the morning of Monday July 9th. Be prepared if you normally leave early.
Here are the arrangements for Dunstable High Street to welcome the Olympic Flame on Monday 9 July. 
6:30AM Get to Dunstable by about 6.30am to avoid disappointment. Walk or Cycle as roads will be severely congested.
6:45AM High Street North will be fully closed from the centre of Dunstable to Brewers Hill Road.
7AM- 8AM M1 Motorway Junction 11 Sliproads. The M1 northbound exit slip road and the M1 southbound exit sliproad at Junction 11 will be closed for a short time to coincide with the relay.
7:00AM Brewers Hill Road and will have a partial closure up to French's Avenue. Luton Road (A505) will be closed from 7.00am.
On the A5 southbound there will be no access to Dunstable from A505 Chalk Hill roundabout. On the A5 northbound there will be no access to Dunstable from the B4550 Kensworth turn.
7:00AM Lloyds TSB, one of the official sponsors, will have early morning activities and entertainment in High Street North before the Torch Relay.
7:30AM  Torchbearers will carry the Flame along Luton Road, entering Dunstable at the Skimpot Road roundabout just before 7.30am. It will then be run along Luton Road and turn right onto High Street North.
The A505 at Tesco will be temporarily closed at 7am to allow traffic to escape the area, thus allowing a clear torch route.  Once the torch arrives heading toward Dunstable at 7.29am  a rolling road block will operate approx 100m behind the torch convoy to allow traffic to move at a clear distance and safe speed behind the procession in a westerly direction. 
7.30AM Dunstable to Luton Travel toward Luton (east bound) will run as normal and allow traffic to exit the area and Dunstable, but may be much slower than normal.  If crowds on, and around, the A505 are not manageable and it becomes unsafe for spectators, a decision may be made to close the entire A505 on the grounds of safety.

8:05AM The Torch will leave Dunstable just after 8.05am at the junction with French's Avenue where it will join a vehicle convoy heading for its next stop at Milton Keynes. 
Roads will be reopened to traffic as soon it's safe to do so. 
Buses will not be running to Dunstable as usual between 6.30 and whenever the A5 is reopened. From 6.30 onwards the bus will leave Bedord Square and travel via East End, Park Road North, Portz Avenue, and then terminate at Sainsbury's. The return route will be the reverse of this. Arriva will attempt to get their buses back on schedule as soon as they can, but this will all depend on how the rest of the traffic behaves.
Free Parking There will be free parking in all council-run Dunstable car parks until 10am on 9 July.   Drivers are being advised to expect severe traffic congestion and to avoid travel in and around Dunstable from 6.45am to 9am where possible. Delays are likely throughout the morning while traffic clears so people should allow extra time for journeys throughout the area. 
Leader of Central Bedfordshire Council, Cllr James Jamieson says, "We are looking forward to welcoming the Torch and our inspirational Torchbearers to Dunstable. We want this to be a safe and enjoyable event for everyone and I hope that residents who can conveniently get to Dunstable will line the streets to join us for this once-in-lifetime opportunity.   The whole Torch Relay route will be closed to traffic in advance of the event."
More Info There is more advice for residents and businesses on the council's websitehttp://www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/olympics
To access the latest information and announcements follow the council @letstalkcentral and follow the hashtags #OlympicTorch or #London2012TorchRelay.  
About Our Local Runners
Kieran Jays Carrying the Flame through: Luton Carrying the Flame on: 09 July 2012 Age: 12 Hometown: Houghton Regis 
Ben Jell Carrying the Flame through: Luton - Carrying the Flame on: 09 July 2012 Age: 34 Hometown: Dunstable
Jacqueline Dowsing Carrying the Flame through: Luton - Carrying the Flame on: 09 July 2012 Age: 47 Hometown: Dunstable
Katrina Blunt Carrying the Flame through: Dunstable Carrying the Flame on: 09 July 2012 Age: 33 Hometown: Pitstone
Matt King Carrying the Flame through: Dunstable Carrying the Flame on: 09 July 2012 Age: 25 Hometown: Bedfordshire
Penny Green Carrying the Flame through: Dunstable Carrying the Flame on: 09 July 2012 Age: 51 Hometown: Dunstable
Samantha Griffiths Carrying the Flame through: Dunstable Carrying the Flame on: 09 July 2012 Age: 45 Hometown: Watford
Sasha Harvey Carrying the Flame through: Dunstable Carrying the Flame on: 09 July 2012 Age: 39 Hometown: Abingdon


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