New Shared Use Road Scheme Around Dunstable's Asda

(originally published by Alan Winter on February 18, 2012
A new scheme for Dunstable will be implemented later this year. The roads affected are those immediately close to the Asda car park, and include College Drive, and Kingsway. A variety of road finishes are expected including:

  • "golden gravel finish",
  • "blue/grey" surface for a new bus lane,
  • "shot blasted golden aggregate" for new shared space,
  • landscaping by Dunstable Town Council Grove Garden Landscaping Team,
  • Resurfaced black asphalt,
  • a raised bus platform
  • new guided busway shelter

Cllr Nigel Young, a CBC councillor for Dunstable, said: “What we are trying to achieve is a new concept, but the outcome will be a better balanced street and one that respects, and is ‘shared’ by, all users. A well balanced street minimises visual clutter and obstacles. The Court Drive scheme will use various colours of durable materials to delineate the street and most importantly, will encourage a degree of negotiation between road users.”

Work is likely to start after Easter, and is due to be completed in the summer, with disruption kept to a minimum.

A public exhibition of the final designs will be held in late March 2012.