Library Consultation Outcomes

 Originally Posted by Alan Winter on March 30, 2012

A consultation took place recently on the libraries in Central Beds. If you took part, well done, as Houghton Regis was one of the top responding areas in Central Bedfordshire. So how did we get on?
4% of all the responders used Houghton Regis area library.
The opening of the library resulted in increased usage :in 2009-10 the library issued 69,488 items, in 2010-11 the library issued 84,877 items. The library houses a customer contact centre pod which went live July 2011.
 People of all ages use libraries to borrow books from, unsurprisingly (90%), folowed by looking fro general information (around 30%); computing (more so by those under 30 than the older age groups).
65% of people rated the libraries as "Very good"; 29% "Good".
Every measure from "friendly staff" to "good range of activities" scores well, except for the choice of CDs and DVDs which falls to only 49%.
Respondents under the age of 30 were more positive about there being plenty of computers (86%) and the about the choice of CDs and DVDs(61%).
Of the preferred themes for a library, "family library" came out as the top choice for smaller community libraries, while "read and relax" were the focus for larger libraries.
“Technology and technology learning” libraries were more of a priority for those in education.
Whilst there are no current plans for library service to be cut back, local councillors are still urging "Use it or lose it".