A Chance to Get Involved in Development Strategy

(originally Posted by Alan Winter on February 23, 2012)
You may recall that  "Joint Core Strategy" between Luton and Central Bedfordshire Councils fell apart last year as the two council's had a bit of a falling out. Central Bedfordshire Council  is now picking up the pieces for its own area, and appears to be determined to make the most of the background work already done, and put new planning guidance into place.
So, a new strategic planning document  is being worked out to cover the whole of Central Bedfordshire and, once formally adopted, will replace the existing Core Strategies - both the adopted one in the north and the Central Beds part of the "broken" Joint Core Strategy.
It is important because it  will set out the development requirements (new homes, jobs, retail and infrastructure etc) up to 2031,  and lay down guiding rules for how this development can be provided for, as well as setting out detailed policies to help determine planning applications. Without this in place, there will be constant pressure to build on green spaces, ultimately leading to chaotic peicemeal development proposals throughout Bedfordshire.

Some key stakeholder meetings* will be taking place in the coming months, before a final draft Strategy is made available for public consultation purposes. The public consultation is expected to take place in June.

* Running in parallel with the Member briefings there is a series of public workshops planned during March. These are an opportunity for stakeholders (residents, businesses, Town and Parish Councils, developers etc) to engage with the key issues and help shape the direction of the Strategy. The workshops are on 1st and 6th March (at Watling House) and 8th and 14th March (at Priory House). All four workshops will be the same in content. If you want to attend these workshops you would be welcome, although bear in mind that places are limited. Please contact Sally Hicks to reserve a place (sally.hicks@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk or 0300 300 4353).