20 MPH for Houghton Regis

(originally Posted by Alan Winter on March 4, 2012)
A series of 20mph measures are to be taken around Houghton Regis in the next and subsequent financial years.
The Highway Programme schedule includes these schemes, the details of which I don't have at present:
"Create 20 mph zone and selected additional works to reduce speeds incorporating shared space and MFS2 principles. Includes School Safety improvements. Walking and cycling improvements to employment areas. Additional schemes may be deliverable through developer contributions that will support the town masterplan."
"Create 20mph zone in residential areas and incorporate proposals for High Street brought forward by Morrisons."
"Parking schemes to be considered in years 2013-2015, following adoption of a CBC wide parking strategy and policy document. " - fears will be raised that this might include charges for HR town centre car parks, but let's wait and see. The one in front of the church, and the one in Tithe Farm Road are owned by the people who own Bedford Sq shopping centre. The only one CBC owns is the under used one behind the Co-op.
Alan Winter is HRTC representative for Bedfordshire Highways