Saturday, 24 January 2015

Bedford Road Improvements if Taylor Wimpey Homes Get Build Permission

Bedford Rd, with the meadow Taylor Wimpey
wish to develop. Photos: A D Winter
Revised documents submitted on behalf of a Taylor Wimpey development application list a number of traffic calming measures which are agreed in principle with the highway authority.

1. A new footway would be constructed on the eastern verge of Bedford Road between the site and start of the present footpath, requiring undergrowth and tree removal, and compensatory planting.

2. A raised platform pedestrian crossing positioned about 100m north of Bedford Rd/High Street junction.

3. A raised table at the Bidwell Hill/Bedford road junction.

4. Speed limit reminder signs activated by vehicles, located between Bidwell Hill and Roslyn Way.

5. A mini-roundabout to replace the existing tee-junction at Rosyln Way.

6. A raised pedestrian crossing between the Roslyn Way junction and the proposed entrance to the Taylor Wimpey development site.

7. The present 30/40mph zone limit on Bedford Road, on approach to the town centre, would be extended out into Bidwell by about 170m.

8. Red and white road markings would be included.

Documents can be viewed online for this full application for up to 169 homes (revised down from 190).

To view full details, go to enter 14/03056 in the search box, and follow the links.

How To Comment
Public comments on the scheme can be made by contacting the case officer quoting the planning application number CB/14/03056/FULL, Tel: 0300 300 4797
or by email
or by post to Planning, Priory House, Monks Walk, Chicksands, Shefford, Bedfordshire, SG17 5TQ .

Friday, 23 January 2015

Big Shake Up of Local Arriva Bus Services Planned From April 13th.

Proposed changes to Arriva bus services from the 13th April.

As a result of an extensive project into the bus network across Luton, Dunstable and Houghton Regis Arriva are proposing major changes and significant improvements to bus services across the conurbation in April.

The draft plan is based on current usage, areas with a higher propensity to use buses, improving links to the rail station and hospital via the busway and introducing  14 new buses across the area.

A summary of the Arriva changes which affect Central Bedfordshire are listed below.

Route 38 which links Dunstable, Houghton Regis, L & D Hospital, Luton is withdrawn. Passengers should use Busway Routes A or Z.

Central Bedfordshire is tendering for a new hourly bus service 58 linking Houghton Regis, Houghton Road, Salters Way and Dunstable (Asda). This will operate Mondays to Saturdays (not evenings).

Route 39 linking Parkside Dog & Duck, L & D Hospital, Luton is withdrawn. Passengers should use new Route Z.

Busway Route A – minor changes to times. Connects at Parkside with new Route Z to L&D Hospital and Luton. It is expected that passengers can stay on the same bus as it changes from Route number A to route number Z at Parkside Dog & Duck

New Busway Route Z – Parkside Dog & Duck, Lewsey Farm, L & D Hospital, Busway, Luton. This links with Busway A as detailed above. This replaces route 39, but operates fast between L & D Hospital and Luton via the Busway.

Route 24 which links Dunstable, Katherine Drive, Lewsey, Leagrave, Marsh Farm, Barnfield College and Luton will operate only between Dunstable and Marsh Farm. This service will operate hourly (currently every 30 minutes Mondays to Fridays; every hour on Saturdays).

Route 31 which links Dunstable, Luton Road, L &D Hospital, Bury Park, Luton, will now also serve Luton Interchange to provide a better link at Luton Rail Station

Route 31 is withdrawn on Sundays to Totternhoe, Eaton Bray, Whipsnade Zoo, Kensworth, Studham. These villages will no longer have a Sunday service.

Route 70 is extended from Leighton Buzzard to Milton Keynes on Sundays. This and Route F70 already serve Milton Keynes on Mondays to Saturdays. This means there is now a service every day from Dunstable to Milton Keynes every day.

Further information can be found on the following link:

From the same date the following changes will also be made
New Route 58 will be tendered by CBC. This will operate Houghton Regis, Houghton Road, High Street North, Salters Way, High Street North, Dunstable (Asda). Hourly Mondays to Saturdays (not evenings). Final route and timetable will be finalised with successful tenderer.

Community Bus Route 74 will be revised as a result of the ending of LSTF funding. This route currently provides an infrequent service linking Toddington, Tebworth, Wingfield, Chalton, Sundon, Streatley, Barton-le-Clay, Houghton Regis, Salters Way,  Dunstable. New route 74 will provide return shopping journeys between Toddington, Tebworth, Wingfield, Houghton Regis and Dunstable.

Route 20 continues to serve Toddington, Chalton, Sundon and Luton. Routes 79, 81 continue to serve Barton le Clay, Streatley, and Luton. Salters Way will be served by new route 58.

For further information and a map visit a Travel Shop or visit this link (.pdf file)
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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A Letter from the Chief - Protecting People & Fighting Crime Together #communitiestogether

Following the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, Belgium and around the world, senior counter-terror officers have warned of a ‘heightened’ concern around the potential risk to certain groups including those working in policing and members of the Jewish and Israeli community. This has been much publicised across the national media during the past few days.

I am writing this as an open letter to ask all key leaders and people of influence across every faith in Bedfordshire, to join us in redoubling our efforts to wipe out any prejudice which could jeopardise the safety of those living in, working in, or visiting Bedfordshire.

The vast majority of our communities wish to live in peace alongside neighbours of all faiths. A small few threaten this way of life and we must work together to identify these individuals, to challenge their rhetoric and to reject all forms of hate which risks compromising the safety of our communities. Bedfordshire is fortunate enough to have a richly diverse population mix and we will continue to work closely with people across all faiths to promote a cohesive society.

As well as working with our communities, we will be working closely with our law enforcement partners across local, regional, national and international boundaries to work together to protect people and keep Bedfordshire safe. We will be stepping up patrols in key areas and will be increasing presence, particularly in our Jewish and Muslim communities. Support from community groups and partners is vital to ensuring that we appropriately and effectively problem solve local issues and we look for your support in helping to prevent any form of antisemitism or islamophobia during this time of increased concern.

The UK has been at a heightened threat level for international terrorism for a considerable time and indeed the national threat level was raised last summer to ‘Severe’ indicating that a terrorist attack is highly likely. We anticipate that this will be a long-term status as the threat from terrorism is not likely to abate any time soon.

Any suspected hate crime incidents of Islamophobia or antisemitism should be reported to the police on 101, along with any concerns around individuals or groups suspected of wanting to cause harm to our communities. Always dial 999 in cases of emergency.

Please help us to promote cohesive communities by tagging your online communications with #communitiestogether

Very kind regards

Colette Paul QPM BA (Hons)
Chief Constable

Survey - Would You Pay A Bit More For Extra Policing in Bedfordshire?

The Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Olly Martins, is considering increasing the amount of the council tax that goes towards policing by 48p a week for an average council tax Band D household – equivalent to 15.8% a year. An increase of 15.8% can only happen if supported by the public in a referendum. But it is only worth the cost of holding a referendum if the Commissioner can be reasonably confident of a positive result. That’s why it is vital that he hears your views.

A 15.8% increase would pay for:
An additional 100 police officers
The re-introduction of police officers to neighbourhood policing
Increased management of prolific offenders
Extra resources to tackle emerging threats such as cybercrime & child sexual exploitation

Early indications posted on OllyMartins Twitter feed from around Bedfordshire suggest that most neighbourhoods would be willing to pay more.

CLICK HERE to start giving your view.