Solar Powered Car Park for Council Highways Depot in Houghton Regis

Central Bedfordshire Council has installed solar panels directly onto the road surface of its Thorn Turn highways depot car park. The energy from these solar panels will be used to light, heat and power the depot. The solar panels, which have been laid in partnership with infrastructure contractor Colas Ltd, can generate up to 17,400kW of electricity an hour. This would provide enough energy for around five houses a year. Vehicles will still be able to drive directly on the panels, in the same way as a regular road surface, with the panels generating power through sunlight at the same time. The panels will reduce CO2 emissions, helping the council to reduce its carbon footprint and support the council’s aim for the depot to be run completely on renewable energy. It’s one example of how the council is working towards becoming net zero by 2030 as detailed in the Sustainability Plan. This is the third ADEPT Live Labs trial, where the council is piloting three renewable energy projects,

Are You Having an Affair in Houghton Regis?

According to website Illicit Encounters  there are 855 affairs going on in Houghton Regis. This compares with 776 having an affair in the town in 2020. The website says, “The Infidelity Index uses data from over one million postcodes to show how many people are having affairs in each area. The results are based solely on the data from and are therefore only a reflection. As the overall data is only 3% of the total adult population having relationships... well, you can do the maths.” The website goes on to add, “We have been providing a meeting place for like-minded married and attached people for over 13 years. Our members have one thing in common - they are all looking for a little romance outside their current relationship. Whether that's the occasional bit of flirtatious chat, a regular coffee date, or a full-blown affair, that's up to them.” The site carries a Town Index , where Dunstable is listed 149th with 486 affairs. If Houghton Regis was in t

CBC To Suspend Housing Register

Central Bedfordshire Council are to suspend their current Housing Register process. Anyone with outstanding documents is asked to submit them 7 November. The Council is introducing a new system which it says will make the application process easier, and to do that they need to suspend their current system between 8 - 22 November. Apply for Housing Follow us on Facebook If you have any update on this story, or other news for Houghton Regis, please send it in. EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS — If you enjoyed this post and never want to miss out on future posts please subscribe to Follow It »

Bogus Police Officers in Houghton Regis - Witness Appeal

Police are appealing for witnesses for a burglary where a woman was targeted by three men claiming to be police officers. At approximately 7pm on Tuesday (19 October), a woman in her 80s was disturbed by three men who broke in through the front door of her property in Farm Close, Houghton Regis. The victim was sitting in her kitchen when three men gained entry to her property and introduced themselves as police officers investigating a theft in the neighbouring address. One of the offenders pulled out a fake plastic police badge, whilst the other two men searched the victim’s bedroom stealing a number of items. The victim challenged the offenders cover story and demanded them to leave. They ran off after stealing £30 and a blue plastic wallet containing the victim's bus pass, driving licence and a loyalty card.  They were seen running from Farm Close towards Dalling Drive. The three suspects are described as follow white men, approximately 5’10’’, clean-shaven and wearing black clo

Heroin, weapons and cash seized in county-wide drugs gangs operation

Huge quantities of class A drugs, weapons and cash have been seized across the county in an operation targeting the supply and distribution of drugs. Nine people aged between 17 and 60 were arrested in Bedford and Luton during a week-long national crackdown on those involved in county lines - when urban drug dealers, move into suburban areas and use a dedicated mobile phone number or deal line to run their criminal operation. At one house in Luton, more than five kilogrammes of heroin , with a street valued at £500,000  was found, and at a separate address, investigators located more than £15,000 in cash . Earlier in the week, during a warrant at a house in Bedford, officers seized a firearm – found in a washing machine – a sword, cash and class A drugs, and arrested a 60-year-old man. Arrest offences during the operation included conspiracy to sell drugs, possession of weapons, possession with intent to supply drugs, and money laundering. Other items seized included crack co

Town Partnership Committee Abandoned Due to Being Inquorate

A scheduled meeting of Houghton Regis Town Partnership did not take place last night due to the committee being inquorate.  At least 3 Members from each Council must be in attendance for the meeting to be quorate, but, for CBC, only Cllr Hammil and Cllr Goodchild were present. The Agenda had included items on  • Time-to-Connect,  • Kingsland Levelling Up Fund bid,   • an update including ASV, The Brook, Windsor Drive engagement,  • consultation into the future use of the Community Centre,  • TITHE FARM ALL WEATHER UPDATE, • CBC Report, and Partnership Work Plan. Meetings of this committee are ordinarily held 4 times a year. The Town Clerk at Houghton Regis Town Council has commented, “It will be rearranged in the next few weeks.” Follow us on Facebook If you have any update on this story, or other news for Houghton Regis, please send it in. EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS — If you enjoyed this post and never want to

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