Conservative PCC Candidate Festus Akinbusoye welcomes new Criminal Justice Bill

Home Secretary Priti Patel is set to announce new legislation that will make it a criminal offence to intentionally set up a camp or trespass on private land. The Conservative PCC Candidate welcomes this. The legislation will give police the power to fine those who break the law up to £2,500 and lays out the possibility of a three-month prison sentence. Currently, landowners face legal battles and court costs to evict travellers from their sites because trespass is only a civil offence. Festus Akinbusoye, Bedfordshire’s Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner candidate welcomed the news, saying, “There’s been a long-standing review into how to deal with the issue of illegal encampments and trespassing in England and Wales. This is a matter of real concern here in Bedfordshire,” he said. “We’re now coming in line with the Republic of Ireland, which introduced the same law back in 2002. This is the fulfilment of a manifesto commitment and I’m fully behind the government's strong a

'Tails from the Zoo' - Bedtime Stories To Be Read by Zookeepers

ZSL London and Whipsnade Zoos announce virtual bedtime stories – read by keepers behind zoos’ closed doors. Weekends from Saturday 16 January to Sunday 21 February    Once upon a time there were two wonderful zoos full of wonderful animals, and zookeepers who worked tirelessly to care for them and teach their visitors all about wildlife.  Then an unwelcome villain forced the zoos to close their doors…so the heroic zookeepers found a way to help their animals and bring the zoo to the people…  Zookeepers at ZSL London and Whipsnade Zoos have swapped their brooms for books to launch a series of virtual bedtime stories – in a bid to keep their beloved animals in touch with their youngest fans during the nationwide lockdown.  The Tails from the Zoo will be available to watch online on the Zoos’ official Facebook pages each weekend from Saturday 16 January until Sunday 21 February, with a different animal-inspired story told from the two zoos’ most popular exhibits every Saturday and Sunday

Planning Application For New Secondary School Approved - Video Explains

Today, Central Bedfordshire Council approved a planning application to build a new secondary school close to the present Leisure Centre in Parkside Drive, Houghton Regis. Councillors did raise matters of concern. This included the speed of traffic on Parkside Drive and a desire for more safety measures which may be built into the conditions around the agreement for building the school. Cllr Pat Hamill said he was sorry for those who didn't want it positioned where it was. He acknowledged there were issues with pylons going across the site which limited the new buildings from being built more to the eastern end. And the problem of knocking the old school down while keeping it open as the new school was built meant it couldn't be on that part of the Kingsland site. Reconvened Development Management Committee - Thursday, 14th January 2021 at 9:30am - Central Bedfordshire Council Webcasting Cllr Hamill, Tithe Farm ward CBC and Development Management Committee member, welcom

Trading Standards warning after second illegally imported puppy is quarantined

Buying or rehoming a cute puppy may seem a good idea and a welcome addition to a family, but Central Bedfordshire Council’s Trading Standards team is warning residents to be aware of illegal imports. Last week, officers had to quarantine an illegally imported puppy because it had not received a rabies vaccination before coming to the UK. The second time in four months they have had to take such action. The puppy came from a country where rabies is a high risk of being present and therefore officers could not rule out the puppy being a carrier. The new owners are liable for the unexpected additional costs to cover the quarantine fees. Illegally imported puppies may not be properly vaccinated and rabies-free. Puppies like this are regularly sold via online advert listings or social media platforms and may come accompanied with incomplete or false documentation which leads any buyers into believing they have been imported correctly or bred within the UK. Trading Standards are urging anyon

Charity Awards Will Help Energy Efficiency For Vulnerable Households

The Energy Saving Trust announced yesterday (13 January), that 10 charities have been successful in securing over £2 million of funding in the latest round of the Energy Redress Scheme. National Energy Foundation (NEF) covering the area of  Central Bedfordshire Council, Dacorum Council, Luton Borough Council and Watford Borough Council were awarded £109,175. Managed and delivered by the Energy Saving Trust on behalf of Ofgem, the Energy Redress Scheme collects voluntary payments from energy companies that may have breached rules. The funds are distributed to charities in Great Britain to deliver projects that benefit and support energy consumers in vulnerable situations. In Round nine of the scheme, 10 charities that work across England, Scotland and Wales are receiving grants ranging from £24,000 to £450,000. The full list of successful charities is available here . National Energy Foundation , based in Milton Keynes, is one of the recipients and covers Central Bedfordshire Council,

Boundary Commission Recommends Changes for Houghton Regis Effecting CBC Wards

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England has made its final report recommending changes for ward boundaries in Central Bedfordshire. Changes will take place in Houghton Regis. If approved by Parliament the new boundaries will be used in local elections in 2023. By Alan D. Winter. The Boundary Commission are proposing that Central Bedfordshire should have 63 councillors; 4 more than at present. These  should represent nine single-councillor wards, 12 two-councillor wards and ten three-councillor wards across Central Bedfordshire. In all, the proposals are that the boundaries of 19 wards should change while 12 will remain the same. The proposed changes must now be approved by Parliament, so the legal document which brings into force their recommendations will now be laid before Parliament. One of the aims of the review was to create wards where one council elected member represents as many voters as another council member, as equally as possible, ideally within 10% of being e